'Terreiro da Luta' e 'Nossa Senhora da Paz'

Monte is a small parish situated in the suburbs of Funchal, at an altitude of about 550m. The local church, surrounded by beautiful gardens, contains the thomb of the emperor Charles of Austria, who died here in exile in the year 1922. Monte is well known for it's wonderful gardens, the toboggan (wicker basket) ride to Funchal and great views over Funchal's bay.

At an altitude of 876m and about 3Km above Monte there is 'Terreiro da Luta', offering magnificent views over Funchal. A monument can be found here dedicated to 'Our Lady of Peace' or in Portuguese 'Nossa Senhora da Paz'. The largest monument in Madeira. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Peace and was built at Terreiro da Luta as a memorial to the shelling of Funchal by a German submarine on December 3, 1916. The submarine was shelled and sunk by warships in the port at the time. French ships, Suprise & Kangourou, and the English ship, Dacia. more