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Madeiran Recipes

Madeiran Kale Soup
  • Chop up several linguisa sausages - about quarter inch thick slices - you can also chop then smaller if you want - fry in olive oil with chopped white or yellow onions until tender.
  • Add a couple of cans of stewed tomatoes or diced tomatoes - you will need to add chopped green bell peppers if using plain canned tomatoes and let simmer
  • Add several cans of beef or chicken broth, depending on how much soup you want to make, and stir until soup thickens
  • Add some cans of white beans and/or pinto beans that are already cooked.
  • A half hour before serving - add chopped fresh kale and stir until kale is tender
  • Serve hot and Enjoy!

    Carne Espeto - San Pedro Style
  • Use either Tri Tip or Sirloin Tip Beef - cut into 2/3 inch squares, leave some fat.
  • Make a marinade of dry red table wine with a few fingers of cut up fresh garlic, a few crushed fresh bay leaves if you have them, pickling spices (you can get pickling spices in most markets) and salt to taste. Note: Pour yourself a small glass of the wine to drink while making preparations
  • Before putting the meat in the marinade, put your finger in the marinade and taste it to make sure you can taste the different spices and salt. Add more spices, etc. depending on the spice level wanted.
  • Using a large container, put in meat and marinade and stir around a couple of times to insure all the meat gets covered.
  • Leave meat to marinade a minimum of 1 hour, longer for stronger flavor. Keep refrigerated.
  • Put meat on spits and cook over an open fire - do not cook too long! It should never be well done!