'Terreiro da Luta' e 'Nossa Senora da Paz'
San Pedro Association Beginnings as written by Domingo Sequeira, 1950

"In 1922, there was inaugurated a monument in honor of Our Blessed Mother on Madeira Island. The monument was called "Terreiro da Luta". It was built on the highest mountain on the island. The priest that initiated the project was Reverend Father Jardim. He came to California to visit two brothers and a sister who lived in the Sacramento area. While he was here he asked for donations to help pay for the shrine. The debt at that time was $100,000.

Father Jardim arrived in California in May, 1922 and told the Portuguese community of his ambitions. After hearing this they formed a committee to make a Festa in honor of San Pedro, the proceeds of which was to help pay down the debt. Father Jardim performed the first Mass after which all gathered together under a large oak tree for a barbeque. The afternoon was spent with merriment and joy. The proceeds from this first Festa was $600. From that day on the Festa of San Pedro has always been celebrated with the same faith from which it started.

Only one or two people of the first committee formed are still living. Today the "Monument of Our Lady" is visited by thousands of tourists. It is illuminated with a Light House which leads the ships into the port of Funchal from 25 miles away."

At an altitude of 876m and circa of 3Km from Monte there is 'Terreiro da Luta', offering magnificent views over Funchal. A monument can be found here dedicated to 'Our Lady of Peace' or in Portuguese 'Nossa Senhora da Paz'. The largest monument in Madeira. It is dedicated to Our Lady of Peace and was built on Terreiro da Luta following the shelling of Funchal by German submarines in 1917.
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Note: This narration was passed on by Martha Sequeira Sardelich, daughter of Domingo Sequeira, to the San Pedro Association in 2007. It represents a first-hand knowledge from someone "who was there" about the beginnings of our San Pedro Festival Association.