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Madeira Island, the Concelhos (municipalities) and Freguesias (parishes).
Festas & Traditions of Madeira Island
Madeira Island
Madeira Apartments
Casa das Videiras
Madeira Hotels
Levada walking on Madeira Island
Madeira Levada Walks

  • "History of the Island"

  • more about the "Island"

  • Madeira-How it all began

  • The Madeiran Flag

  • The Portuguese Flag

  • The Hino da Regi�o Aut�noma da Madeira
    (English: Hymn of the Autonomous Region of Madeira) is the official anthem of Madeira, in Portugal. It was adopted in 1980. The lyrics are by Ornelas Teixeira and the music by Joao Victor Costa.

    All about Saint Peter (S�o Pedro).

    All about Saint Elizabeth (Isabela).

    Genealogy - Madeira Island


  • Traditional Portuguese Cuisine
    Traditional Madeiran Malasadas Recipe
    Madeira Wine Guide + some Island history
    Jornal Madeira.. Daily news from Madeira Island
    Madeira Island weather Information

    Madeira photo album

  • Portugal's History

    Portugal's Hino Nacional "A Portuguesa" (Music & Lyrics)

    English/Portuguese Translations & more

    A short portuguese language lesson

    Portuguese Surnames

    Universal Currency Converter

    World Time Zones

    US State Department Passport information

    Fados-Songs From the Soul of Portugal

    "clube de Fado", Lisbon

    P�gina oficial de Mariza, la cantante portuguesa do fado

    P�gina oficial de Ramana Vieira, la cantante portuguesa do fado. Ana Marie Vieira (her given name), native to the United States and residing in San Leandro, California. Her parents are from Madeira Island, Portugal.

    P�gina oficial de Nathalie Pires, la cantante portuguesa do fado

    Eduardo Mourato,"O Mar dos Acores" & "The Blue Ocean"

    Bailinho da Madeira (video)

    Uma Casa Portuguesa
    In a Portuguese house (at San Pedro), it is bread and wine on the table to all who come. All are welcomed to sit down at the table to enjoy. The joy is in the giving and being contented. Full Translation

    Bailinho da Madeira(in English)

    "o Brinquinho" da Madeira(in Portuguese)

    History of Madeira Wine

    Cooking Spices & Herbs

    PHCS/Portuguese Recipes: Sopas, Kale Soup, Malasadas & more

    Portuguese recipes from Dorothy Indelicato: Sopas, Caldo Verde, Portuguese Beans, Filozes, Massa Sovada.

    Madeira Bolo Do Caco Recipe (A traditional bread recipe from Madeira)

    San Pedro Madeiran Recipes: Kale Soup & Carne Espeto

    Bolos de Mel (Madeiran Honey Cake).
    As baked by Sharon Freitas for our San Pedro Festa, 6/24/07
    For all of you wanting the receipe, click here!

    Welcome to the flavors of Portuguese homestyle cooking. Traditional Portuguese recipes combining a blend of flavors and techniques of many other cultures dating back centuries.

    "Dia de S�o Martinho" (the tradition)'s_Day

    Wine Anthology, Portuguese wines.

    All about Port wines.

    DISCOVER Sacramento Region Wineries

    Dances and songs from the provinces of Ribatejo and Algarve

    Tribuna Portuguesa (OnLine)
    P.O. Box 579866, Modesto, CA 95357-5866, 209.576.1951.
    Jose Avila, Publisher/Editor, bi-weekly.

    Portuguese Chamber of Commerces, Calif.

    PHCS, Sacramento

    Dia de Portugal, San Jose( (New Bedford)

    The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is sponsored by
    The Club Madeirense S.S. Sacramento, Inc.
    50 Madeira Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02746

    A.P.U.M.E.C., São Pedro Council #2, Bryte.

    Portuguese Heritage Society of California, San Jose.

    Our Lady of Fatima Society, Thorton)

    Portuguese Fraternal Society of America, (PFSA)
    Listing of P.F.S.A. Councils, addresses and officers.

    Portuguese Community of Artesia

    Republic of Cape Verde (1975), formerly a holding of Portugal

    Bullfights (TAUROMAQUICA)
    .... California Portuguese Style Bullfights, Schedule & Information.
    .... a short article about the bullfights in California.
    ...."El Toreo de Tijuana" being torn down. Read more! Plus some bullfighting pics!
    .... Some thoughts from the UK on banning Bullfighting, interesting.

    West Sacramento Historical Society

    Bryte Area Maps

    County of Yolo

    Yolo County Visitors Bureau

    City of West Sacramento

    West Sacramento News Ledger

    West Sacramento - Arthur F. Turner Branch Library

    West Sacramento Blog

    Bryte and Broderick Community Action Network (BBCAN)

    Historic/Vintage Neon signs of West Sacramento and Northern Calif.

    About "Tule Fog"
    Tule Fog is a type of radiation fog created when the earth's surface cools air near the ground to a temperature at or below its dewpoint, usually at night or in the early morning, and when the ground is moist or wet. Air pollutants are hygroscopic, readily absorbing moisture, and can act as condensation nuclei, causing the fog to be comprised of small droplets, rather than large droplets, resulting in denser fog, similar to that of industrial-era London. High concentrations of particulate matter from diesel exhaust, ammonia from dairying, incineration, and other pollution sources in the Valley help fog form more easily, and may make Tule Fog more frequent.

    Diocese of Sacramento

    Wikipedia- The Online Encylopedia

    Elk Grove Community Foundation

    California newspaper contacts by region

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