A. P. U. M. E. C.

Welcome to São Pedro, Council #2

Associação Protectora União Madeirence do Estado da California

The Associação merged with I.D.E.S. 1999 another portuguese lodge due to declining memberships.

Officers of São Pedro, Council #2

  • President: Dennis O'Conner
  • Vice President: Rita Macias
  • Tresurer: Alyce Cervantes
  • Secretary: Camilo Cervantes
  • M. Ceremonies: Mary Freitas Fischer
  • Marshall: Ruby Nomura
  • Guard:
  • Directors:
    • Antonio Pinto
    • Laura Carvalho
  • Past Supreme Presidents from São Pedro, Council #2:
    • Jose Ramos
    • Antonio Jardim Pinto (2 Terms)
    • Rita Pinto Macias
    • Alyce Pinto Cervantes
  • Permanent Members, Supreme Council from São Pedro, Council #2:
    • Albino Augusto Freitas
    • Celestino Freitas
    • Dorothy Sands Freitas
  • Fraternalist of the Year, Supreme Council from São Pedro, Council #2:
    • Antonio Jardim Pinto
    • Celestino Freitas
    • Rita Pinto Macias

1998/99 Supreme Officers

  • President: Elaine Taveres
  • Vice President: Joe Silva
  • Secretary/Tresurer: Rose Marie Silva
  • Master Ceremonies: Harriet Abreu
  • Marshall: Mary Lou Moutinho
  • General Guard: Caroline Hall
  • Medical Director: Dr. Luis Madeira
  • Legal Advisor: Manuel A Faria
  • Chaplain: Rev. Joseph Ferreira

Supreme Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Richard E. Smith
  • Vice Chairman: Jean Fitch
  • Secretary: Cathleen Smith
  • Directors: Lillian Aza, Caroline Bredal, Jackie M. Flynn, Dan Tavares
  • Audit Committee: Mary DeSilva, Dalinda Smith
  • Parliamentarian: Rita Macias
  • Pianist: Marie I. Wilson
  • Eastern Councils Rep.: Juvenal DeNobrega

Past Supreme Presidents

Dean: John Silva
Cecilia Pitta Hurtado, Antonio J. Pinto, Manuel Marques, Jr., Jackie M. Flynn, Elvera R. Jesus, Rita Macias(Pinto), Emanuel Lopes, Alyce P. Cervantes(Pinto), Joseph C. Jesus, Maria E. Brum, Jean M. Fitch, Carlos C. Leal, Alvera Pitta Pagni, Rose Marie Silva, Mary DeSilva, Margaret Montero, Edward Pitta, Richard Smith

Permanent Members of the Supreme Council

Mary J. Fialho, Lorraine V. Freitas, Edna Borges, Mary T. Jardin, Manuel M. Andrade, Manuel Fontinha, Richard Smith, Celestino Freitas, Mary DeSilva, Antonio S. Cafeteiro, Leon Greenwood, Dorthy Freitas, Dalinda Smith, Jackie M. Flynn, Tillie Perry, Margaret Montero, Liliana O. Lourenco, Leonard Perry

Charter Members of São Pedro, Council# 2

(Founded July 26, 1914)
J.Gouveia(president), Julio Leitao(secretary), Jose de Abreu, Joao Rodrigues Baeta,
Manuel Rodigues Baeta, Joao Figueira de Freitas, Joao Gonsalves Freitas, Joao Luz Freitas
Feliciano A. Gomes, Jose Gomes, Manuel Gomes, January M. Jardim,
Petro Marques Jardim, Joaquim de Nobrega, Augustinho Pinto, Antonio Perriera Ramos,
Jose Ramos, Melquedes dos Ramos, Julio Soares, Manuel Nobrega Soares

A.P.U.M.E.C. Hymn

Irmanados, ha muito, na lida,
Nosso esforco e bemdito e nao cansa.
Para nos luz a Fe incendida
No Ceu alto e sereno da Esperanca.
Ao galerno lancemos, ovantes,
O pendao signalando a Vitoria.
Oicam montes e vales distantes
Nosso canto de Amor e de Gloria

A.P.U.M.E.C. Hymn (English)

With this work a long time associated,
We find pleasing and blessed its scope;
Light of Faith shines to us, irradicated
From the high and serene Heav'n of Hope.
To the galern unfold, triumphant
The Standard, which gave us victory;
Let the mountains and valleys, distant,
Hear the hymn of our love and glory.

A Brief History of the Associação

In 1911 a group of men from Madeira Island gathered during the holiday season. Having nostalgic memories of Christmas on the Island , the group decided to make a "Lapinha" ( a traditional decorated manager upon which the image of the infant Jesus is placed). These men displayed their Lapinha and entertained with their music and songs. To cover expenses they set out a " gift tray" for donations. They were suprised to find that they had made a profit. They repeated the procedure again in 1912 and 1913.
After the holiday season of 1913, they met to discuss their growing finances and membership. They decided that they would use the profits to help members who were ill, those that were in need and pay members burial expenses. Thus the Fraternal Society was born in Oakland, California. By 1914, the membership had grown to such proportions that subordinate councils were formed in various cities in California.
In July 26, 1914, São Pedro, Council# 2 was formed in Sacramento, California. Council# 2 continued to meet in various locations in Sacramento during the early 1920s. By 1926, most Madeirans had located in Bryte, across the river in Yolo County (called Riverbank then, now incorporated into to the larger City of West Sacramento), and with few autos to make the trip into Sacramento, the members decided to begin holding meetings in their own community. Meetings were held Sunday afternoons at the then Russian Progressive Hall, on Riverbank Ave., in Bryte. São Pedro, Council #2 was closely associated with the São Pedro Festival Association, founded in 1922, and made up of many of the same members as that of Council# 2. Both share in the use of the São Pedro Association's picnic grounds, also located in Bryte.
In 1917, councils were formed in the Hawaii, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Women were admitted into the society in 1930 and children in the 1940's.
There were 36 councils represented by their elected delegates. The Associação now had over 2,000 members and assets of over $ 1,800,000. The Associacao takes pride in that they have disbursed more than 3 million dollars in benefits and over 34 thousand dollars in college scholarships to the younger members.

A.P.U.M.E.C. Subordinate Councils (1998-1999)

Did You Know?:
These population figures come from the "Instituto Nacional de Estatistica"
Madeira Islands:
  • Madeira Island: 260,000
  • Porto Santo: 5,000
  • São Miguel: 128,000
  • Terceira: 56,000
  • Pico: 15,000
  • Faial: 14,800
  • São Jorge: 10,300
  • Santa Maria: 6,000
  • Graciosa: 5,000
  • Flores: 4,390
  • Corvo 340