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Bailinho da Madeira

It is around the typical Madeira instrument, "o Brinquinho", that a group of people dressed with the typical costume dance.

This musical instrument is composed by a set of wooden puppets (dressed with the traditional costume), castanets, disposed in a distaff cane and moved by the holder with vertical movements.

Most people know this "Brinquinho".

However, there is another one more popular and rustic, called "Brinco" that the peasants play at the typical country festivities, where it is sung and danced choreographies with great creativity.

Everyone that wants can dance without needing special costume or choreography rules or restrictions.

The "Brinquinho" is a regional instrument used at the "Bailinho".

This "Bailinho" appeared 50 years ago when the first folkloric groups began to do their presentations.

It is with these dances and songs that Madeira Island is represented all over the world.