San Pedro Annual Festival
Founded 1922

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  • The Annual Festa has been canceled for this year, 2020....
    ,but we are making plans for next year, our 100th Annivsery!

  • 2020/21 YEAR MEMBERSHIP "OUR 99th Year""
    ..Renewal or New or just Donate !

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    "Nossa Senora da Paz

    Ilha da Madeira......Uma Pérola no Atlântico
    It seems that after God created the world, He sat back and admired His handiwork,
    and having been pleased with what He had done, kissed the world tenderly.
    And where He placed the kiss, Madeira was born.

    San Pedro, since it's beginning in 1922, celebrates
    the rich culture of Portugal and in particular our Madeiran heritage!

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